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Travelling within the EU

When you enter Denmark from another EU country, you are allowed to bring goods for your own personal use without paying customs duties, VAT and excise duties. However, there are limits as to how much alcohol and tobacco you are allowed bring into Denmark as a private individual.

You can bring goods into Denmark when you return from travelling within the EU without paying customs duties, VAT and excise duties if the goods are for your own personal use. Own personal use means that only you, persons in your household or your private guests use the goods. 

There are special quantity limits for alcohol and tobacco. If you stay within these limits, you can avoid paying customs duties, VAT and excise duties.  

You must also be aware that some items require a permit, while others are completely forbidden from being brought into Denmark. Read more about special rules for special items.  

Please see our legal guide for further legal information (in Danish). Go to Link to our Danish-language legal guide.