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Special rules for special items

Hunting weapons, pharmaceuticals, stuffed animals and corals are just a few examples of goods that it may be illegal to carry in your luggage or buy online.

When you bring goods into Denmark, you must be aware of whether there are special rules for them. This applies especially if you are travelling from a country outside the EU.  

Here are three useful tips if you bring goods into Denmark when you return from travelling: 

  • Show moderation with local delicacies: If you are travelling to a country outside the EU, you should avoid bringing animal food products such as milk, meat and cheese back into Denmark when you return. 
  • Buy souvenirs with care: Souvenirs made from endangered animals and plants may be illegal to bring into Denmark. This applies to, for example, skins, furs, boxes, bags and shoes. 
  • Contact us if you are in any doubt. You can always contact the customs authorities at the red exit at the airport if you are in doubt about your item.  

Below you can read more about to which items special rules apply and about where you can get more information about the rules.