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Our task

The Customs Agency’s task is to make it easy for citizens and businesses to pay the correct customs duty and to safeguard Denmark against the import of illegal and harmful goods. We are present at the borders of Denmark where we handle the business of customs and execute effective controls every day, all year round.

We are always working to ensure that citizens and businesses easily can pay the correct customs duty and get their goods released, so the cross-border trade may be frictionless. We have the responsibility for executing effective border control, amongst other things to safeguard Denmark against hazardous, dangerous or illegal goods such as narcotics and weapons.

We provide efficient and competent guidance and user-friendly digital solutions to businesses and citizens.

At the Danish Customs Agency, we handle demanding tasks in relation to every part of customs. We are always working on providing a high level of service and effective control in every part of handling the tasks relating to customs. This demands both a high level of professional competency, and that we excel at coordinating internally and externally with both national and international operators. We take responsibility and collaborate on both the collective task and in the everyday decisions regarding customs.

Together with the other agencies under the Ministry of Taxation, the Danish Customs Agency ensures the foundation for financing the public sector in Denmark. We employ 950 people and have headoffice in Aarhus and office in Køge, and 20 customs locations situated all over Denmark.